ToLs release: 1st january, 2022

We have just released the first set of Tokens of Life (ToLs) NFTs on solsea (ToLs) platform. You can buy listed ToLs from solsea, or if you wish a special date, please send us a message on twitter (ToLs), and we will sell your special date for you.

see for yourself:

the SR-TR projection 2021 has two novel aspects:
- a faster formula whose 1st step gives us a map similar to traditional projections such as robinson's and winkel-tripel;
- a correction inspired by equal-area map projections graphs.


ToLs with day & night

the "ToL - 1st of january" & etc. were generated with new mathematical techniques of greater precision and calculation speed, and also have an innovative graphical aspect in multiple senses:
the SR-TR 2021 projection was used;
we rearranged the day and night component of this map with an algorithm whose result depends on the selected date and time, such as 1st january, 0 GMT.
view sample


ToLs - 1st edition

we have generated 365*24=8760 NFTs, each one with 2000x801px and distinct from the others; here is a selected sample with x-small size.


ToLs maps

The new ToLs lead to you more accurate and fair world maps through the form of NFTs.


ToLs at scientific journal(s)

The scientific component of ToLs include a new map projection: SR-TR map projection, whose paper is being prepared.


works published as ToLs

If you want to join and get ToLs, you can buy ToLs through an NFTs blockchain.

✔ advantages of SR-TR projection

  • it is aesthetic: in visual terms it is a projection that resembles a collage of the map around the 3d globe; even if you re-scale the image to be included in a square, the components of the poles and the equator are distinguished [which does not occur in elliptic models ];
  • it is efficient: we have defined fast mathematical formulas for this projection, for which the coordinates of each point are found independently of the other neighboring points, without the need to use interpolation methods, nor tables for each meridian; thus, the computation of this map projection for applications that display world data (from databases) is fast, effective and efficient;
  • it is fair: the areas when you do a zoom-out combining the full globe were fixed compared to the more common traditional full world maps;
  • it is indicated for 2d full world maps: the quality of this 2d full world map projection was developed to show at once the full globe in a single page sheet of paper (i.e. zoom-out applications);
  • it has predicted high ranking: combining the full aspects above, the ranking of the SR-TR projection is predicted to be very high, and with the tissot's indicatrix method we have observed that the distortions are improved.

✖ disadvantages of SR-TR projection

  • it is not yet a standard: being new means that it cannot have been adapted yet, but we hope so;
  • it is not perfect for zoom-in applications: the shapes are not perfect when we do a zoom-in, since they will have a distortion which is necessary to present the full zoom-out fair image map.