FAQ – tokens of life

what has been done in your project?

we have done 365*24 = 8760 earth images with the 2d SRTR map projection, but each of the images is different from the others, depending on the date & time of the image.

how many pixels each of them has?

the ToLs NFTs will have 2000x801px, each.

when will it be launched?

the pre-release will be in middle of december 2021, the release on solsea.io will be on 1st of january, 2022.

what are the promotions?

we will offer 30% off discount to the 1st 1000 buyers of ToLs, during the pre-sale week;

where is it sold?

you can buy a minted ToL in https://solsea.io/creator/6196cedb3478d476543173e4/nfts/.

will you have airdrops?

yes, see: https://twitter.com/tokensoflife/status/1476993849016958979

We will offer Tokens of Life (ToLs) when we reach 1k followers. The ToLs #NFTs will have random date(s) or special date(s), as each winner wishes.

To be eligible you have to:

i) follow us on twitter;

ii) share 1 twitter with a comment with the hashtags #tokensoflife #iwishToLs

can we choose which snapshot we get, the one we prefer?

yes; due to the costs of inserting items in the blockchain we will list fragments of the collection on https://solsea.io/, as a sequence starting on 1st january and so on;

if you want to buy an item minted by ToLs and turn into the current official owner you can choose one listed ToL or if you preffer a special date please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will list that ToL for you through https://solsea.io/.

what is the launch price?

the launch price will be 1 SOL, for each image;

1 SOL = US$ 187,49 (at 28th november, 2021)

1 SOL = ETH 0,04575882 (at 28th november, 2021).

which wallet(s) and tech will be chosen by your collection?

the cryptocurrency & blockchain will be solana (SOL), the main marketplace will be solsea.io, and to buy/sell with SOL the recommended wallet is phantom;

SOL has two main advantages: it is faster, and it is cheaper; and it is particularlly well suited for NFTs.