1. generate 365x24 = 8760 *.png tokens of life (ToLs), with computational methods: one for each hour of each day of a common year.
    view details:

    - see portfolio for a sample of ToLs images;
    - each ToL has 2000x801 px.

  2. launch the website.
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    - the ToLs website is:

  3. prepare & submit the paper «View on 2-dimensions of the earth 3d globe: a more efficient and more fair map projection with predicted high ranking».
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    - the paper is almost finished...;
    - we will anounce in when the paper will be pusblished.

  4. publish of the SR-TR projection formulas.
    view details:

    - we will keep the formulas as private before the official publishing of our scientific paper;
    - you can observe the output of our formulas in any ToL image, and in particular in our light interactive map;
    - you can compare our output with the outputs at:

  5. growth of a community, at the ToLs twitter.
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    - follow us on

  6. implement machine for ToLs.
    view details:

    - this was implemented such that: each NFTs is stored in arweave and solana blockchain;
    - we will list the NFTs on solsea webpage.

  7. offer of ToLs NFTs to some followers on twitter.
    view details:

    - 7 days after we reach 1000 followers, we will offer NFTs;
    - the Tokens of life NFTs will have random date(s) or special date(s), as each winner wishes;
    - to be eligible you have to: i) follow us on twitter; ii) share 1 twitter (short message) commenting what do you think about Tokens of life project with the hashtags #tokensoflife #iwishToLs;
    - stay tunned!

  8. mint of the 1st edition of ToLs start.
    view details:

    - the mint will be done by ToLs team, and then the items will be listed at solsea.

  9. get listed on solana marketplaces: solsea, etc.
    view details:

    - each NFT will have a base price of 0.7-1 SOL, deppending on the the sale being active or not and on the "rarity"/"importance of date(s)" of each ToL.

  10. generate of special edition(s), and publish them.
    view details:

    - stay tuned since this will be anounced in the meantime...

  11. ... to be continued...
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    - if you have suggestions please send us a direct message on our twitter.